WorkToday, an app to find work for hours in five minutes

Miss. Marta Romero quietly drank coffee in a restaurant when I saw firsthand the calamity that is for a business unexpectedly losing an employee.

“One of the waiters was missing. And the only one who had had to take over all the work, but not cope. People began to get up and leave. And he thought: “With the amount of people out of work there, could not come someone to lend a hand?”

That was the day he was born the idea of ​​WorkToday, an application for Android and iOs where in just one year after birth have registered more than 55 thousand people and some 2,000 companies. According to his mother and creator, just five minutes are enough to register on the tool and start receiving job in the palm of your hand, mainly from sectors such as catering, trade and logistics, where the annual cost for not covering sick leave is around the 55.000 million euros.


“Our application is without interview or selection process,” says Ms. Romero. “Avoid having to take dozens of resumes and sit and wait for you to select. Now directly the company sees your profile, see your ratings from previous jobs and the distance of the job to which you are and decide if he calls you. ”

The geolocation is one of the key factors WorkToday. “Thanks to the location of the mobile service offers you only get if you’re at a small distance from the company that needs work,” says Romero. “The employer sees how long the worker to get to where you need, it is essential to cover a sudden drop”.

Despite this, the creator of the application emphasizes that it is not only an exclusive app for short-term jobs. “34% of our users has achieved an indefinite or long-term because we work since WorkToday allows you to interact with up to five or six companies in a month, they have not only agreed to interview you, but I have seen it work “.

Tual which is the case with Andrew Martin, a young man who after working regularly in four different restaurants, got him hired as undefined in a known food chain. “The application streamlines job search much as you can find offers to merge tomorrow or even tonight and not have to face a selection process. Of course, you have to work well because if you do not have opinions or they are bad costs to be called. ”


The reputation system WorkToday is bidirectional, which aims, according to its creator, not only encourage the “workers” (as he is known to users of the app) “their work is taken very seriously” but also let the user know how the company is applying for support. These evaluations or rankings, Romero explains, are key to the smooth operation of the tool, which is free for those seeking employment and is financed by payments that companies make after selecting a candidate. In addition, the startup that supports the app has also been supported programs acceleration startups Microsoft.

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