Guide to follow to create a Powerful Personal Brand in just one year

Ideal way to go to create a Personal Branding Success in 12 months

You know well the theory about personal brand , but when you are spending the practice you get stuck? You want to know how you can position your Personal Branding in a few months? In this article I have written for the Webinar presentation Course 365 Mkt My friend Miguel Florido, I’ll tell you how you can create or enhance your personal brand successfully in one year, according to my experience and the steps I have done to position the mine.

Today I want to talk about the first and fundamental steps that you have to give if you want to promote your brand on the Internet, as well as strategies every month to help you get itand avoid mistakes with your personal brand .

According to my personal experience, promote a brand is a process that requires a minimum of 12 months and above all, a lot of effort and dedication in implementing some of the strategies discussed in this article.

Therefore, I have decided to write them, because they often know the theory, but then to go into practice we get lost on the way, because we have an orientation or a well-defined strategy. So, I hope this post will be of great use and enjoy it.

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