People are starting to make their restaurant choices based on Pokemon Go

In just a few days, Pokémon Go has become a smash hit. Now, it’s impacting all aspects of players’ lives — including where they eat. Social media reports reveal that Pokémon Go players are making their restaurant choices based on the availability of Pokémon in the area. And, restaurants are using that fact to attract customers. The […]

US Presidential Election 2016 Data

Head to Head When it comes to social media both candidates have a strong presence and loyal following but Donald Trump definitely wins with over 2 million more followers than Hillary Clinton. The road ahead won’t be easy for either of the nominees. Both have been trailed by controversy throughout the entire race and that […]

How Social Media Influence Businesses

Check out the infographic shown below by somemto to know how social media influences your commeercial vehicle and business related buyers. Meanwhile, 27 % of total online time is spent on social networking and 84 percent of new and used car shoppers use social media sites.

Snapchat is currently the most popular application among youth

With just barely 21 years old, Evan Spiegel created the mobile application well known by all called Snapchat in 2011, initially known for having a bad reputation. Spiegel, with studies at Stanford, began his career with the important support of some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and predicted that in the not too […]