Best Chrome extensions for designers and developers

As I discussed in Part 1 of the best Chrome extensions, you are many. So we bring you the second installment where we will show five extensions that insurance will help facilitate your life.

Chrome Extensions

These qeu we’ll show below are focused on the areas of web development and design, but could also serve you in your daily tasks, so we invite you to try animes and that most call your attention. And neglects all are free.


Chrome Extensions

6. Web Developer

This Chrome extension Web Developer provides a number of interesting tools for developers.

a button bar of Chrome which facilitates access to a wealth of tools for web development is added.


Chrome Extensions

7. Web Developer checklist

It allows to solve problems quickly.

This powerful extension allows you to check everything in your web pages are following best practices when it comes to SEO for search engine rankings, usability, accessibility and performance (speed of the page). Therefore, if, for example, you need an H1 tag on a web page or a web page is missing the title, I will indicate so you can solve the problem quickly.


Chrome Extensions

8. DevTools Autosave

It will help you automatically save changes to CSS and JS of a page directly in your source file

I can be considered a true jewel for all web developers, DevTools Autosave to automatically save any changes made in CSS or JS through Chrome Dev environment tools in your source file. It is quite easy to set up and use, and will save a lot of time.


Chrome Extensions

9. Instant Wireframe

View your web pages online with a wireframe layer

Converts any web page into a wireframe with just one click, do not lie, it really is that easy.


Chrome Extensions

10. Ripple Emulator

With Ripple Emulator you can debug, inspect DOM and automated testing.

It is a multiplatform emulator that can help you to test your web application using different devices and different screen resolutions. This can be used in combination with existing development tools for debugging, DOM inspection as well as automated testing.

Stay tuned for our digital magazine, because soon bring in a third of the best Googl Chrome extensions for Web Developers and Designers.

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