A About Us

What do we do?

Socialboil continually searches the web for relevant information:

It monitors all Social Networks (such as Facebook or Twitter)

It digs deep into the Press, Blogs, Forums, Review Pages, Repositories, etc.

Meanwhile, helps you define your search topic in multiple ways, fighting the ambiguity and confusion that plagues traditional web search.

Socialboil automatically analyzes pages to find relevant pieces of information such as dates, authors, topics mentioned, general sentiment, etc.

Socialboil Indicators condense thousands of inter-related data points in a few measurable and easily understandable indicators.

How do we do it?

Socialboil was founded by top researchers and programmers with a passion for search technologies and text analytics.

Uses proprietary technology built over some of the most advanced Open Source projects of the decade. Socialboil uses patent-pending technology to maintain a large up-to-date crawl of the web.

Socialboil exploits the latest advances in Machine Learning Technology to learn the specifics of your business over time. Similar to E-mail Spam Detection technology, Socialboil uses Machine Learning to learn from your choices of what is relevant and what is not. It automatically adjusts its Ranking and Text Analytics modules to mathematically approximate your ideal human analyst. In order to achieve optimum results Socialboil employs a team of human analysts who “teach” for to continuously improving their quality.


In detail

Socialboil search engines scan the web continuously in order to find all relevant mentions about our customers, Student Share either in blogs, forums, social media, online press, businessmen, public figures, online videos, etc. In order to do so Socialboil does several things:

Socialboil allows to monitor a big amount of web pages nationwide and internationally (online press, blogs, forums, etc…).

The results are enlarged with results from other search engines like Google, Bing, etc…

The main social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, but also content networks such as Instagram or YouTube are checked continuously.

Socialboil extractors analyze the pages, select the relevant areas and extract the maximum amount of data (date, author, origin, etc…).

Socialboil extracts entities out of the texts (about what and about who the text is talking about) and assigns sentiment (positive for the brand, negative, neutral or question).

The linguistic analyzer is a complex technology with a variable precision: it can work well in a number of cases but it can lead to error in others. Uses an algorithm (patent pending) of semi-automatic learning in which a statistical engine detects automatically linguistic rules and patterns out of the given positive and negative examples that our analysts provide.

Our linguistic analyzing technology is especially effective for European languages such as Spanish, English, French, Italian or Catalan.

All this data is stored in a database that is specially designed for big data search in order to find and analyze mentions. The search engine within this database allows quick access to interesting mentions and real-time indicators calculations derived from this data.

Finally the Socialboil Dashboard is programmed entirely in HTML5 allowing the user to access this huge amount of data in a fast and intuitive way. Thanks to the advanced technology created by Socialboil in sentiment assignation, our team of analysts consistently improves the sentiment quality of the data, thus providing a reliable and accurate service, rare in this new trend.


Deep, competitive analytics that tell you How your social performance stacks against the
competition and wider industry benchmark

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